Benjamin Whitehurst

Benjamin Whitehurst, M.A.Lead Facilitator
Personal Development Coach and Authentic Group Facilitator

About Benji

I am a passionate life coach and group leadership trainer, with over ten years of experience. Please click on the tabs below to learn more:

I value serving as a transparent example of authentic, deeper living. In service of your growth, I am glad to answer any sincere question about my life as we work together.

Currently, I reside in Durham, North Carolina. I travel regularly – 50+ cities in the last few years – and bring an international perspective to my work. Having lived in Brazil and Guatemala, I am proficient in Spanish and Portuguese. Spiritually, I study many traditions and have years of experience practicing meditation, yoga and other intuitive practices. I am active at the Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado and am an enthusiastic proponent of authentic relating practices such as Circling and T-Group.

My passion for life coaching and group leadership began as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala, where I facilitated groups of women and farmers. In the decade since, I have practiced and shared the science of personal development, inspired by teachers such as Tony Robbins, Ken Wilber, Chico Xavier, and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

These powerful teachers and experiences continue to awaken me to realities beyond my former small ways of being, far beyond loneliness or even the possibility of suffering. Beyond suffering yet deeply alive. That’s what inspires me: a deep peace of mind and sense of connectedness I want to share with you and infuse into your community. Learn more about my personal story…

I am an avid learner. In 2014, I completed a rigorous 3-year master’s program in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University, including a 900-hour internship. I also completed comprehensive group facilitation training at the Matrix Leadership Institute. Currently, I am enrolled in the 9-month Train-The-Trainer (T3) Circling Immersion at the Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado, a pinnacle training in the field of Authentic Relating.

My leadership style is both professional and interactive. I incorporate cutting-edge authentic relating practices and a sensitivity to cultural dynamics into my work, for a level of support you can rely on. Whether you are seeking personal development coaching or to improve the dynamics in your team or community, Navigate Change, LLC has the rock-solid skills to guide you toward success.

In my experience, focusing on problems and solutions has limited success. If a simple mechanical solution were all that was needed, you would have already achieved your desired change. You don’t simply need to push harder or be more disciplined, stressing yourself out to implement new behaviors. You have already tried that, and your personal change project did not work. It’s the same with organizations: forced change achieves little more than stress.

Most people perceive the world today in the same way they did in high school, through a lens of struggle and fitting in. This is like insisting on using a computer from the 1980’s, and wondering why you’re so far behind! The intractable problems of your life – relationship problems, difficulties at work, emotional overwhelm – do not require solutions, inasmuch as new ways of being. A core upgrade, not a superficial change in habits.

The personal development coaching and group work I facilitate provides this core upgrade. I will work with you to change not just your habits (the role of a traditional life coach), but also how you exist and perceive reality.

To use a different metaphor, the next step is not to change the glasses you wear, but rather to acquire the glasses factory. Any life coach can sell you a new pair of glasses—perhaps a rose-tinted pair with a stronger prescription. Such temporary solutions are helpful but do not lead to the highest results. Working with me is the equivalent of acquiring the glasses factory: Not only will you always have the most cutting-edge frames in town, but you’ll also see much more clearly. Personal development coaching helps you perceive much more of the world–the layers and nuances others miss, and the joy most never find.

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