First, let me say I hesitate to publish this online! I feel shy sharing my struggles and breakthroughs with so many thousands of people!

As for the heavy stuff, let’s just say you would not recognize me now, resurrected from the charred remains of years of overwhelming anxiety, heartbreak, and isolation earlier in my life. I learned quickly that the only way out is up and focused on personal development until I felt better.

I’m a traveler, a quiet spiritual type full of ideas. I worked from Brazil up through Mexico throughout my twenties, learning Spanish, Portuguese, and Kaqchikel (a Mayan dialect). I hosted a weekly radio show while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala, planted thousands of trees, and saw the inner workings of hundreds of corporations throughout the Americas. A wanderer, I had no roots. A photographer, I captured thousands of moments. A seeker, I read hundreds of books and experienced dreams and visions.

Loneliness burnt through me a few years ago until I became ready for change. The shift began while attending my first Authentic Relating retreat on my 30th birthday. I dreamed that night of jumping over 1,000-foot waterfalls inside a violet-lit cave with the lead facilitators. The retreat felt like an initiation—a watershed moment for my parched soul, in which I leapt into an unfamiliar abyss of satisfying connection.

Excited on this new path, I immersed myself for several years in every branch of Authentic Relating available—T-Group, Circling, Authentic Relating Games, Matrix Groups, Dream Circles. I completed my Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and prepared to dive head first into my life mission of coaching people who are dissatisfied with their lives to find community and satisfying connection.

I don’t write much here about my identities because, frankly, I’ve grown bored with them.

My stories about who I am have fallen apart so many times that I don’t bother putting them back together anymore… what would you have me say? If you’re wondering about my relationships, I’m single and open to whatever magical beings show up in my life. If you’re wondering about my faith, it is my rock in this stormy world. If you’re wondering what I do for fun, I fill my yard with flowers and sing They Might Be Giants songs.

My path has been exquisitely difficult and focused on learning to feel human and connected. I get your world if you have been through a lot and are feeling alone. My coaching clients are diverse and work with me mostly because of the clarity I bring to difficult situations, from high-conflict relationships to complex life transitions. Others work with me because they hope to imitate my success at outgrowing immense loneliness and anxiety, to create a satisfying life.

Regardless, as a coach and group facilitator, my intent is to help you untangle from the stories, beliefs, and habits that keep you stuck so that you can feel radiant and connected in life. If this speaks to you, please reach out! I am available for individual coaching, and also lead numerous groups and trainings each month. I’ll hope to hear from you!