Election season. You get more of what you fight against. The unwavering focus and energy of resistance strengthens what you seek to repress. Politically, my knight in shining armor was long ago deposed. I have since felt an angry void, unsure of what to fight for.

Yet anger is an error in perspective. Little more than throwing punches at the deformed figures in a house of mirrors, anger carries an opportunity to see things differently. A chance to see beyond the uncouth, afraid, ashamed surfaces into the sparkling divine essence underlying all experience.

I am through roiling this season and ready to shift my rage into clarity. But I will not stand down and be overrun by the blustering forces of fear. No. I will stand up and meet my demons with the fiery intensity of one who knows Love. Don’t Tread On Me. This life, this land are sacred.

May all beings (even those I don’t know how to love) know brilliant, profound glory. I fight for joyful living for all. All demons are welcome at my table at halftime for tea and biscuits.

There is no place for fear in this fight: the Prince of Darkness, the swirling sufferings of a society lacking social justice, the legions of minions, and the scrappy resistance taking shape to reclaim the palace cannot touch me. I have participated in these shadows for many lifetimes, and my soul remains unscathed on its continual journey within Awakening. This battle of the ages is a dull mirage in a parched land; the quenching waters lie elsewhere.

I am willing to see this differently. Anything this world can touch is not Me, and my Freedom cannot be limited by prison bars real or imagined. Heaven on Earth is mine to create, and I will correct my perspective for its advent. I fear not and instead choose unshakable faith; I rage not and instead choose to fiercely love all who cross my path.

Fierce love is loud and pierces the armored emptiness of cynical hearts. May the heavens pour through my words as lightning in the desert sky, igniting the dusty air. Unshakable faith is disruptive, as even a tiny flame disperses the night. May I be a willing vessel for the Light. Amen.