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Navigate Change, LLC facilitates Relational Leadership Labs and Alchemical Dreamwork retreats in Raleigh Durham, NC and internationally. Scroll to the bottom for details on how to invite us to offer an event for your organization or community!

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We look forward to collaborating with you on an exciting event at your organization! Please email us at Ready@NavigateChange.Org or contact us via Facebook with your ideas, and we will contact you to work out the details.

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Innovative Public Speaking in A Voice Your Community Can Hear!

Navigate Change, LLC offers innovative events & interactive talks in English or Spanish on topics such as:

☙ Beyond the Rub: Navigating Conflict & Differences in Organizations

☙ Authentic Relationships: Reviving the Sparkle in Friendships & Love

☙ Burnout: Rekindling the Flame

☙ Work As A Spiritual Experience: The Interface of Work & Spirituality

☙ Culture Change: How to Make It So All Sides Win

Or the Event of Your Choice!

We look forward to collaborating with you on a game-changing event at your organization! Please click anywhere to send us a message!

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