Headlines from my inbox today:

I admire rich and successful people. I am committed to being rich.”

How to Deliberately Design Your Awesome Future: Accelerate Your Manifestations by Connecting With Your Future Self in 3 Proven Steps”

How to use the Law of Deliberate Creation to consciously choose and attract more of what you want.”*

Yet at what point is the so-called power of manifestation simply black magic, pulling into our lives materialistic circumstances and comforts that aren’t in service of our highest good?

Flow and Manifestation are not the same. Flow proceeds from the plans of the Soul, whereas manifestation proceeds from the ego’s resistance to flow.

Flow embraces discomfort in service of growth while still ensuring an upward trajectory; Manifestation simply reconfigures illusions to suit the whims of the personality, unpredictably altering the deeper flow.

I choose flow, knowing that the necessary abundance to fulfill my life mission derives not from the force of my personality struggling to bend reality, but from a calm engagement with whatever arises in the present moment. This calm engagement includes a playful, successful mindset that naturally bends reality toward any goals that are in alignment with my deep soul commitments and the highest good; but without any struggle or emotional clinging to outcome.

Flow is not always comfortable. In spite of my discipline, flow leads me through dark caves and thundering rapids; through financial deserts and thorny scrublands, and I learn perseverance and faith. At other times abundance overflows and beautiful panoramas surround me, and I learn generosity and gratitute. No situation that arises is bad—some are just uncomfortable. I relax my judgment and continue on, playfully learning to engage the world.

I choose flow, alongside my charts and metrics; my prayers and mantras, trusting what has been set in motion deep within my soul to run its course and lead me to broader seas in the Divine Waters.


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*Three separate quotes from Vishen Lakhiani and the MindValley Academy, two adapted from T. Harv Eker’s book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.