Are you in a rut? You used to be passionate, but now, life has ground to a halt? If so, read on.

Far from something being wrong with you, being in a rut and losing interest in things you used to enjoy are a sure sign that you have outgrown your former way of being. There is something very, very right going on with you.

Think back to when you were young. As a child, the change you experienced was so massive that you were essentially a completely new person every year, with new interests, goals, and friends. Constant change and learning was the norm.

Why would that stop in adulthood? In fact it doesn’t. Just as children grow and become more complex, so do adults.

So why am I in a rut,” you ask?

Think of our culture: Traditionally, you are expected to go to college, choose a career, get married, have kids, buy a house, and stay the same. You’re even discouraged from growing gray hairs! So even though you are changing and growing constantly, there is pressure to remain the same.

You become like a lizard not allowed to molt—growing larger and larger while you’re skin remains the same size. Take a moment and feel that in your body—can you feel how restrictive and tight it feels? When you are in a rut, it is because you have outgrown the skin, the structure of your life. Pending change builds up until it bursts, and all of a sudden your life becomes a mess…

“How do I feel better?”

When lizard wants to molt, it goes to a safe place where it can spend the day shedding its skin. It is tender for a few days and takes it slow.

Human growth is similar to molting—there is a process of shedding the old to make room for the new. My recommendation would be to unplug from your life and attend a retreat. A retreat is a safe container for exploring and practicing new ways of being. (Contact us if you would like some suggestions for retreats.) You can also work with a coach to implement a new life that you are excited to wake up to each day.

When the dam of change bursts it can also be tempting to make abrupt decisions based on emotion. One clear piece of advice: Consult with at least 3 neutral people and wait 1 month before leaving your partner, quitting your job, or making any other major decisions. It is often possible to navigate change and create a meaningful life without burning bridges.

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