First, let’s visualize the void: You are speeding down the road at night, in darkness so dense your headlights reveal no contours—no road, no trees; you can’t even see your hands on the steering wheel. Feeling a mixture of faith in your path and unease about the journey, you drive on and on in total darkness.

Does this remind you of something in your life? Life transition is often opaquely dark, a yawning void that swallows a formerly stable life. You suddenly find your entire life in upheaval and all you manage to do is follow the momentum of change and rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Let’s continue the visualization: You are still speeding down the road at night, in darkness so dense your headlights reveal no contours. There is no way out of this experience. Take a deep breath and feel the seat beneath you. Notice the rhythm of your heartbeat and the aliveness in your body. Feel the texture of the darkness around you—is it hot or cold? Dry or humid? Set aside your rage and resistance for a moment, and just feel what is present as you hurl through darkness and uncertainty.

The void you experience is empty of structure, but rich in potential. It is an empty screen onto which to project new experiences. You are in transition. Your former self has experienced demolition through difficult experiences and will reemerge from the darkness.

Take a moment and complete the visualization: You shake your head and realize you’ve been completely absorbed watching reruns on TV. On the screen is a familiar scene of a scared driver navigating total darkness. You decide to get up and take a walk outside in the sun…