Relational Leadership Training: The Secret Ingredient of Agile Teams

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Retaining Top Talent: Building a Culture of Connection

Did you know “inspired” employees generate 225% of the productivity that employees who are merely “satisfied” do? (Source: HBR). They flock toward companies such as Zappos and Apple where they accept pay cuts to become part of an inspiring tribe. How about your team… is your top talent inspired? Or do they achieve 50% of their potential and then leave as soon as a higher paying job arrives?

At Navigate Change, LLC, we offer your team the secret sauce to becoming a talent magnet: relational leadership & authentic relating technologies. We help you build a corporate culture where top talent wakes up in the morning feeling excited to head to work… with you, not with your competition.

Our innovative Relational Leadership Labs™ provide the foundation for inspired collaboration. Using the latest technologies in the fields of Group Psychology and Adult Development, we help your team connect deeply and achieve the creative Flow states responsible for greatly enhanced productivity & innovation. We help you build teams & workplaces top talent wants to be a part of.

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Hot Spots: Group Facilitation for the Difficult Moments

Is your team failing to collaborate due to simmering tensions? Are you facing employee lawsuits? Or are you one of the companies where the culture is so bad that 48.4% of your workforce is looking for another job and 85% are disengaged? (Source: Gallup). We can help.

For the difficult times, Navigate Change, LLC offers:

Mindfulness-Based Conflict Facilitation: You bring us your simmering tensions, and we help your team outgrow them. This is not the band-aid fix to conflict you may be familiar with—our approach is more like alchemy. It may be hard for you to imagine—we help your team develop relational intelligence so quickly that what formerly caused conflict can instead energize your team’s collaboration.

Relational Leadership Labs™: Simmering tensions and employee disengagement are expensive. Our signature relational leadership development groups pay for themselves, as employees build meaningful connections with teammates and develop the authentic relating skills necessary to bridge differences.

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