Two skyscrapers. A thin cable connecting them. And you, with your unicycle, your parasol and a grin on your face. The day has come, and you feel your calves tense as you press the pedal with confidence and exhilaration. The tightrope tenses under your weight as you ride a thousand feet above everyday life, where one unexpected gust of wind may send you pedaling into the abyss.

You’ve decided not to be the one cheering in the crowd, but rather the one in motion. With adrenaline coursing through your system, you let go of what is safe and comfortable, and ride your edge. The plans say you must make it to the other side, but that’s not where your mind is.

For what are plans, when the planner is no longer? The radiant being pressing forth is a far cry from the drab homunculus that was. There is no going back, no longing for smallness past. And so you pedal, step by step, moment by moment. The breeze blows, the sun beams, and you are motion. You are the embodied grin of human excellence, sparkling in the sky.