Everyone has difficult days. Today was particularly challenging for me. I would like to share with you my approach to working with low moods while remaining on track with goals.

Today, I woke up feeling stuck. I crawled out of bed facing a meaningless void and resisting the day. I felt frustrated and restless and unwilling to look at my to-do list. My thoughts were swirling in unproductive loops around several complex choices I needed to make. And this was okay.

When you feel stuck, try slowing down even more. Pause and take inventory. Sometimes life flows like the wind sweeping across the plains, gracefully and smoothly covering new ground. And sometimes life flows like the wind confronting a vast mountain range, pausing and swirling before finding its course.

When you feel stuck, allow yourself to be fully stuck, while acting on your values. Experience yourself as the wind running into the mountain and swirling in place, full of potential for movement as you find new direction. Feel the tension of being pulled simultaneously in opposing directions. Feel your emotions, but act based on your values and goals.

Getting unstuck is not about changing the way you feel—it is about changing the way you relate to your feelings. It is about releasing a layer of resistance to your everyday experience, to free up energy for projects that matter.

Today I felt fully stuck and resistant. And today, I took a few deep breaths as I worked toward my goals.

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