We have been together so long.
(Yet have we ever?)

We have shared so many words.
(Yet have we ever?)

We can be ourselves.
(Yet have we ever?)

This is our group, Version 2.3.
On a quest for version 2.4.
Except for Mike, who is still at 1.9,
Bless his heart.

And then there is Jackie, the CEO.
Running version 5.2.
At least she thinks she is,
We try to make her feel good about it.

This is our team, seven people playing the big game.
We work hard, Netflix hard, vacation hard.
We get the job done and earn our rewards,
That’s all that matters.


We hit “snooze” each morning when asked to leave behind our dreams.
Together so long, no desire for more.
So many words without sharing our truths.
We’ve been ourselves, somewhere deep inside.

We cry when we arrive home and our dog wags its tail.
So many hours in hour heads, now it’s time to feel.
We’ll numb it later.
We’re still alive, somewhere deep inside.


We want to truly meet, to drink the coffee and crystalline blue of each other’s eyes.

We want to truly speak, to invite the skeletons in the closet to dance, to ride the elephants in the room all the way to Rome, to airlift the sacred cows blocking these desert trails into greener pastures where they belong. Censoring our aliveness is not what we’re here for. We want to build an empire together.

And not just any Together. We want the forbidden word, That-Which-Doesn’t-Belong-In-The-Workplace: Love. We want Group Plus—the software of connection, of caring, of meaningful work, of playing the game without crushing our humanity, our capacity to feel. We want challenge, the support to get past ourselves and contribute fully, to bring home dinner for the tribe after the long hunt. And we will be loyal to our tribe.

It’s a different brand, the Tesla of teamwork.
It’s electric, like the fire of caring deeply.
It gets good mileage, like falling in love with the Universe.
It is self-driving, like a group whose hearts are connected.

It’s the quality of the ride, the wind in our hair, the sun on our cheeks.
It’s leaping out of bed at the opportunity to build a world together;
It’s Group Plus. It costs the same as Version 2.4. And we want it.


© 2018 Navigate Change, L.L.C.

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