Reflect for a moment. How much of your life has been dedicated to stability and achieving basic comfort? You have worked hard to climb the ladder and have enough food, a home, a job, and meaningful relationships. Yet something is missing, and now you are in transition to find it.

Part of you knows that transition literally means losing it all. A total overhaul. The caterpillar does not have the option to keep its suction feet if it wants to fly.

Notice what comes to mind when you read this. Many experience a thought such as: “I’m not giving up my _____!” Perhaps you have an entire list of things you would like to remain the same. These are your suction feet.

But if you look closely, the caterpillar does not lose it all. Its suction feet are transformed into bumps and six new legs grow. It loses the ability to chew leaves but develops a tongue to sip nectar. And it gains new beauty and elegance as it sprouts wings and takes to the sky. Losing it all does not mean going without—it means allowing change to revolutionize all areas of your life. Even your suction feet that you believe cannot be improved upon!