While hover-walking above the trees last night, it dawned on you: “I am dreaming! This is a lucid dream!”

You touched a branch, felt the tangible tickle as a fat pigeon flew through you. It was real. And your escapades began from there… for better or worse, what you did last night was real. And yet it feels hazy as you recall it…

At the insistence of your alarm clock, you awoke to the sun glistening through the tree branches outside your window; the call of the birds in the tree. And it was real. You got dressed, went to work and, for better or worse it was real. And yet it feels distant as you reflect back on your day.

Sleeping dreams, waking dreams, daydreams, visions, shamanic journeys… yet who is the dreamer? Who is the One with Many Faces? The One who is never distant?